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Enrichment Project #2

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Enrichment Project

In sixth grade enrichment,  when I walk into the classroom for the first time, I need to know my project that I will work on during the year.  I have been pondering this subject for quite some time now and finally have made up my mind.   I will make a modification of my favorite computer game, Civilization (in which you are a leader of a civilization Khmer, Egypt, etc. and you try to win.), of tribes around the world.  I will make a map of the earth and have a few tribes on each continent.  In North America, In the Canadian area,  I will have the Inuits, the Ojibways, and the Kawkiutll.  Int he US area, I will have the Iroquois in the east, Dakota in the middle, and Navajo in the west.  In Central America, I have the Aztecs and the Mayans.  In South America I have the Incans, the Atsahuaca, the Irantxe, and the Catio.  In Africa I have the Zulu in the south, the Rundi and Kisii in the middle, and the Berber and Beja in the north.  In Asia the Tao and Ami are in the east, Altayans and Siberians to the north, Naga and Kalasha of Chital (Pakistan).  In the south east Akha, and in the south west the Sumerians.  In Europe I have Iberians, Basque, Sami, Veps, Germanics, and Saxons.  In Australia I have Aborigines.  I also will have different religions.  Another new feature will be that Each civilization can worship a few gods that give you benefits, such as a sea god lets travel on water more quickly, or an earth god can give you better irrigation.  But some gods cannot be combined, such as war and peace gods, or ice and fire gods.  that is all I have thought of so far (with some help from my dad) I may add more features.

SIDE NOTE: I have 85 coins coming any day now.